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Vaporex Substitute for Lime


1 litre of additive


for 250-280 kg slaked lime



Vaporex Substitute for Lime


It is a substitute for lime, an additive to mortar to make it plastic.


The advantages of its employment:

  • it increases the mass of the mortar, makes it plastic and lubricious.

  • makes it easier to work the mortar into the wall.

  • increases the frost- resistance of the coat of plaster, and doesn’t diminish the solidity of the coat of plaster

  • it puts up more resistance to capillary moistness than the standard, ordinary coat of plaster, therefore the tendency of the coat of plaster to get nitrous and mildewy decreases.


Sphere of uses:
It has been used to plaster brick, stone concrete and mud wallings, both in old and new buildings.

  • it can be added to walling mortar as well.

  • by adding to hydrophobizing additive Vaporex Hidro a waterproof plaster can be made.


Physical characteristics:
It is light blue colour, has a low viscosity, with water it can be blonded in all proportions, it is a liquid with a slight basic reaction.

It is not inflammable.


Density: (g/cm3): 1.000- 1.012

pH: 8.5- 10

Freezing point (°C): 0


Only vapour permeable lime- and silicate based smoothing material and paint can be used.

Overdosing of water is not admissible because it may render spreading mortar difficult.