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Vaporex Goldmix


With the hydrophobizing additive, the Vaporex Hidro, water repulsing coat of plaster and water repulsing concrete can be made.

The mortar made with addition Vaporex Hidro makes the duration of life of the coat of plaster longer, increases its frost- resistance and decreases its tendency to crack.

It decreases water absorption of concrete and cast stone, increases the frost- resistance and displacement.

Concrete to which it has been added is water repulsing, salt- and caustic proof.

It is not corrosive, and is free from chlorid, thus the concrete to which it has been added doesn’t damage the metal building elements.

Material needed: To make 1 m3 mortar 6-8 (maximum 10 litres) of Vaporex Hidro is needed.

By using 1 litre of Vaporex Hidro additive 1 cm thick coat of plaster can be spred out on a surface of 5 to 7 square metre.


Sphere of use:
For renewal exterior and interior plastering of dank buildings, and for exterior and interior quality restoration of new buildings.

For concrete, brick and mud wallings.

To concrete basements, pavements, square concretes, fences, wells, and swimming- pools.

As an insulating mortar in damp premises under vertical and horizontal covers.

Into socle concrete.


Directions for use:
To be shaken before use.


Preparing surface:
Before renovation the old mortar has to be removed on a surface minimum 40 cm higher than the limit of the moist area.

The fagues have to be cleaned about as deep as two centimetres.

Before plastering the wall has to be moistened.

Making mortar:In the mixing machine first the water and the Vaporex Hidro additive must be mixed up, after that all the other components can be fed (mortar in sacks, sand, cement and lime.)

Stirring has to be continued until the state of plasticity. Then a 2 - 4 cm thick layer of mortar can be spred out.


After- tending:
The coat of plaster should be preserved from quick dessication.

In closed premises the ventillation must be provided.


Smoothing Painting:
In case of airporeous mortar it should be done with vapour permeable material, such as lime and silicate basic smoothing material, in other cases with substances chosen in accordance with the design.

Airporeous hydrophob mortar can be made by mixing up 2 litres of Vaporex C+M and 7 l/m Vaporex Hidro additive.


Ranging in accordance with perilousness:
The product is not a perilous preparation.

When get into eyes a rinsing with plentiful water is advisable.


Inflammable category:
„D” moderate inflammable.


Looking after waste:
The material that pours out should be soaked up with sand or other moisture absorbing substances.


In a place sheltered from frost and sunlight!


2 years.