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Vaporex C+M


With Vaporex C+M, airpore- forming, wall drying, quality restoring additive, which is a substitute for lime can be made a wall drying, breathing coat of plaster; it means a ventilating plaster through which the moisture continuously escapes from the wall without leaving any stains, and without the plaster getting wet.

Its ventilating quality contributes to continuous drying of the walling.

A mortar to which the Vaporex C+M additive has been added makes the duration of the coat of plaster longer and decreases its tendency to crack.


Material needed:
To make 1 m3 mortar 2 litres of Vaporex C+M are needed.

By using 1 l of Vaporex C+M additive a 1 cm thick layer of mortar can be spred over a surface of 40 m2.


Sphere of use:
For restoration exterior and interior plastering of dank buildings, and for exterior and interior quality restoration of new buildings; To concreter brick and mud wallings.

When plastering new buildings in autumn or winter, it is used to dry up the walls, to accelerate the technology 1 litre/m3 is needed.

In case of exterior use, to provide the resistance against the striking rain, the Vaporex Hidro hydrophobizing additive should be used.


Directions for use:
To be shaken before use.


Preparation of surface:
In case of restoration the old mortar should be removed on a surface minimum 40 cm higher than the limit of the dank area.

The fugues have to be cleaned as deep as about 2 cm- s.

When the walls have a high salinity, they have to be made saltless, or a salt absorbing gas should be used.

Before plastering the wall has to be moistened.


Making mortar:
In the mixing tance against striking rain should be provided by using a hydrophobizing additive.


Ranging according to perilousness:
The product is not a perilous preparation.

When get into eyes a rinsing with plentiful water is advised.


Inflammable category:
„D” moderate inflammable.


Looking after waste:
The material that pours out must be soaked up with sand or any other moisture absorbing materials.


In a place sheltered from frost and sunlight!


2 years.